Symposium: Amsterdam, connecting people in a ‘superdiverse’ city

3 October 2017 in

At this mini-symposium a group of three Amsterdam women are invited to react to questions concerning their religious identity and ‘self-image’, and about their experience of living in a ‘superdiverse’ city. They come from different backgrounds – Jewish, Christian and Muslim – and are all involved in interreligious dialogue and encounters. Is the city in their eyes indeed a community of strangers, or do they experience it in a different way?

18.30 Welcome
19.00 Opening of the symposium by the Rector of the Protestant
Theological University, professor Mechteld Jansen
19.10 Introduction of the programme by the moderator,
professor Manuela Kalsky
19.15 Introduction of the three main speakers: Chantal Suissa,
Riekje van Osnabrugge and Fatima Elatik
19.30 Discussion with the main speakers and the audience
20.30 Conclusion of the programme

This mini-symposium is organised as part of the European Project for Interreligious Learning (EPIL), which brings together women from different countries and different religious backgrounds for empowerment and mutual understanding.

Admission free, but registration is required. To register, mail to: